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like i remember i loved my internet friends sm and i'm like wow i love this person i can't wait to wake up tmrw so i can talk to them and i never want to stop talking to them and now it's like oh well

Do they ever! Going to let her into my life. She really cares about me! #finally #feelssogood

Those text messages that make you sit there smiling at your phone.

Funny Emoji Conversation About Love

Funny Emoji Conversation About Love

KatieOmigosh, I feel so bad about cheating on Jake!! | WHAT?! | I know his twin brother tricked me. I feel so awful! D*: | Katie, look who you're texting. It's ok. | Omigosh omigosh I'm sooo sorry!!! D: | It's ok. I still love you forever. My brother, however, is DEAD.

This happened in Greek Mythology once. <<<< literally everything happened in Greek or Norse mythology once their myths are weird and awesome

20 Text Messages Your Husband Will Love|Marriage|Married Life|Husband|Free Printable

20 Text Messages Your Husband Will Love

#Hilarious Text Of The Day

:) these people hashtag one more time I will track them down and punch them in the face

#Funny Text Message By A Loser Boyfriend

Now that's a fucking sweet guy and a total keeper. That boy is no loser he stood up for his girl. I don't need anybody to stand up for me, but it's nice knowing somebody will.

these are adorable and hilarious.. but just makes me realize how single i am...

Some messages makes you smile

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