maybe with cmyk or nwes?

I keep contemplating this tattoo design. One idea I've thought about is putting the 4 initials of my grandparents' last names. All four of them and their families helped raise me and make me who I am today.

Family tattoo, Mother, Father and children

Need family of Me and 4 kids Family of four people abstract symbols(icons) using line loops. The icons are of father, mother, son & daughter in black colored lines with .

feminine family tattoos

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I don't know if I would do my family's birthdays, but this is sweet.    family tattoo. everyones birthday's in Roman numerals together in the infinity symbol :)

everyones birthday's in Roman numerals together in the infinity symbol. Now I just need to work out the birthdays in Roman numerals.

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Celtic tree of life tattoo. It means family, strength and union

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Arrows are also popular and trending tattoos nowadays! It can mean different things to different persons. It could signify your dreams (by aiming high and representing that with an arrow) or other things!

Could an arrow be a symbol of reaching your goals? Everyone is given a limited number of arrows. Use your arrows wisely and aim for what you really want. Once your arrow has been shot, there's no going back but you have one option: move on.