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3rd grade, 4th grade Math Worksheets: Monster symmetry

A line of symmetry is the exact middle of a shape. In this coloring math worksheet, your child will draw the other half of each monster.

Gingerbread Man Symmetry Worksheet

Here's a fun way to draw a gingerbread man - using symmetry! Mirror the picture on the left half of the line over to the right, and you will have a complete gingerbread man to colour in.

Lines of symmetry, polygons - Worksheets & Activities

2nd grade, 3rd grade Math Worksheets: Reading bar graphs

Audience: Fourth Grade. Behavior: identify and draw lines of symmetry in shapes and figures Condition: worksheet activity. I would use this as independent practice. Students would use a ruler to draw the line or lines of symmetry for each shape.

Line Symmetry Worksheets, a selection of symmetry worksheets with 2 lines of symmetry for 3rd grade

Line Symmetry Worksheets, CC art

Free Printable Sea Animals Symmetry Worksheets for Kids

Sea Animals Symmetry Drawing Worksheets

Grab your markers and prepare for another adventure to the underwater world with these lovely Sea Animals Symmetry Worksheets.

These symmetry worksheets illustrate that a symmetrical shape's two halves will reflect each other along a line of symmetry. Some shapes, like a square, have more than one line of symmetry. Colorful, simple and fun this collection of symmetry worksheets will have your child tuning in on the symmetry of things all around!

Second grade geometry worksheets test your child's shape and symmetry skills. Use these second grade geometry worksheets with your young math student.

Free printable worksheets for preschool, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th grades. Symmetry.

Using large shapes and mirrors, children explore the reflective symmetry of shapes. [selecting tools and strategies;

Christmas present symmetry worksheet

If the kids can mirror this picture exactly through the line of symmetry, they will have a complete picture of a Christmas present!

Crown symmetry worksheet 2

This symmetry worksheet asks children to copy one half of the crown, and its jewels, to the other side. Good practice, and fun for a royal occasion!

Symmetry Worksheets

Here you will find our selection of line Symmetry Worksheets for kids. There are a range of line symmetry worksheets to help children master reflecting or flipping a shape.

Block Symmetry worksheets, symmetry worksheets with 2 lines of symmetry for 3rd grade

Block Symmetry worksheets, symmetry worksheets with 2 lines of symmetry for