Are you doubting that your child might be suffering from autism? Find out in this infographic the signs/symptoms of autism in children

This is a very helpful chart. The earlier you recognize the signs the sooner you can learn how to parent an Autistic child. Children with Autism can flourish! Signs of Autism

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Asperger's Syndrome is one type of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It is closely associated with Autism, another type under ASD. One major difference between patients of the 2 disorders however, is that people with Aperger's Syndrome (AS) have .

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Autistic Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disability where there is a triad of impairments; social communication, social interaction and social imagination. Autism is called a spectrum as, although all individuals will suffer from difficulties in three main areas, their condition will affect them in very different ways. No two people with ASD will have the same difficulties. Asperger’s Syndrome is on the Autistic Spectrum.

Autism is categorised (DSM IV & V) as a Mental Health disorder. Autism rarely comes alone & is often associated with the comorbidity diagnoses of Anxiety, Dyslexia, Depression & Sensory Processing Disorder to name a few.

Children who are easily distracted, sensitive to light, and oversensitive to normal touching could be hypersensitive. This infographic from a child behavioral issues center in Cincinnati has more information on sensory disorders and their symptoms.

About 1 out of 6 children have sensory issues that impact their everyday life. Even children without Autism Spectrum Disorders can have sensory issues