The 7 Weirdest Pregnancy Symptoms - more reasons to not get pregnant....I already have huge flat feet and I am super clumsy...I would just be a walking pregnant disaster

The 7 Weirdest Pregnancy Symptoms Before you jumped on the baby bandwagon, you expected to feel a bit bloated, tired, and moody.but did you expect these other kooky pregnancy symptoms?



Pregnancy Toxemia Boer Goats - Symtoms of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Toxemia Boer Goats - Symtoms of Pregnancy

Natural Remedies for Skin Pigmentation

Cure hyperpigmentation with these natural skin care methods and look all the more appealing .

Hypoglycemia w/ Fibro. Interesting article. I still feel I have fasting hypo and not reactive. I do wonder if you can have both however.

Learn How To Use Coupons Today! Do you want to learn how to use coupons? Maybe you are struggling financially?

Unusual pregnancy symptoms NO-ONE tells you about! How many of these do you have? Make sure you read this list about the second trimester and beyond

Unusual pregnancy symptoms in the second trimester

What are the unusual pregnancy symptoms in the second trimester? From blocked noses to THAT annoying thing, everything about your body when pregnant - make sure you read the full list!

When I’m Not So Fun to Be Around--giving kids the same considerations we'd like for ourselves when they are overwhelmed.

"Perinatal OCD and Intrusive Thoughts: A troublesome Secret to Many." Article deals with pregnancy and postpartum anxiety and OCD (which are more common than you might think)

I'm 5 Weeks Pregnant! | Pregnancy Symtoms, Due Date & Pregnancy Cravings

I am 5 weeks and now as of today 3 days pregnant. I wanted to share my very first pregnancy with you so early on, because I truly would.

Drug free

Methadone Withdrawal Symptoms During Pregnancy - Symtoms of Pregnancy

The physical symtoms of the heart chakra

My depiction of the power of birth… welcoming a new soul and riding the waves of power that deliver your manifestation… “Goddess Delivers”