get rid of the grammar mistake up top: "lay eye's on" should be "lay eyes on"

Writing Aid - Words to use instead of 'Look' — Lana Corry I can use this resource to help students to improve their word choice in their writing.

15 Common Writing Mistakes That English Language Learners Make

Educational infographic & data visualisation 15 Common Writing Mistakes That English Language Learners Make (Infographic) –. Infographic Description 15 C

The Write Way: 8 Commonly Misused Words!

Commonly misused words infographic - this kind of goes along with the "I'm silently correcting your grammar" pin.


Definition of prepositions: Prepositions connect nouns and pronouns with other words in a sentence. They usually give information about time, places and direction. Common prepositions: as,.

Just like grammar used to make

The word synonym should be cinnamon. Grammar win: Just made cinnamon rolls.

Commonly confused phrasal verbs #learnenglish

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20 Writing Mistakes Even Native Speakers Make (Infographic)

Online grammar editing tool Grammar Check has released the new infographic that lists writing English language writing mistakes. The list includes

Some common spelling mistakes in Spanish- Infographic

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