LONDON (Reuters) – Talks between Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party and Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservatives on supporting the British leader's minority government restarted on Wednesday, a senior Conservative source said.

LONDON (Reuters) – British voters dealt Prime Minister Theresa May a devastating blow in a snap election she had called to strengthen her hand in Brexit talks, wiping out her parliamentary majority and throwing the country into political turmoil.

Mining Specialist SP Angel with a great article on Rio Tinto vs Starbucks plus the main miners today -

Mining Specialist SP Angel with a great article on Rio Tinto vs Starbucks plus the main miners today -

A chronology of key events in the history of Syria from the end of Ottoman rule to the present day.

Syria profile

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Sweden is pathetically, disgustingly, tragically, beyond an arctic shadow of a doubt a lost cause, destined for the ash heap of European history. The first nail in Sweden's national coffin was the Pollyanna embrace …

invasion of Iraq fueled the creation of the Islamic State (ISIS) today and must serve as a warning against similar rash military intervention in Syria, a former U. intelligence chief said in an interview with German media on Sunday.

Basic Training for the National Guard - U.S. National Guard

Syria & Iraq War Report – October Russia-made Heavy Flamethrower Systems in Battle for Mosul - Russia News Now

Non-Theist Group Erects 8-Foot-Tall Atheist Symbol Near Nativity Scene Site in Chicago's Daley Plaza

Syria's Christian Community Cries Out for Help - The Vatican news agency Fides reports today that two new mass graves containing a total of 30 bodies were found in Sadad, an ancient Christian town of some people between Damascus and Homs.

Syria's heritage in ruins : before-and-after pictures / Martin Chulov + The Guardian | #syria

Syria's heritage in ruins: before-and-after pictures

As the civil war in Syria drags into a fourth bloody year, a before and after picture of a street in the city of Homs

Five years ago, Israeli Mossad agents broke into the Vienna home of Syria’s Atomic Agency director, where they found pictures taken inside a nuclear reactor in Syria. A few months later, eight Israeli fighter jets dropped 17 tons of explosives on the Syrian site, destroying it. These details and the full story of the attack, dubbed Operation Orchard, against Syria’s nuclear reactor near al-Kibar in September 2007, were reported in the New Yorker magazine on Monday. Israel has never publicly…

The IAF's archilles' heel. Why Israel might wait for the presidential election to sign a new defense deal with the U.