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''Let's move Summit to where govt leaders can face their collective shame & listen to stories '' via HRW

#Syrian-children. WHY

Children under rubble from bombings is a very unsettling photograph.

Portraits of Syrian child refugees – in pictures | World news | The Guardian

Portraits of Syrian child refugees – in pictures

Mona Emad, from Hassakeh, Syria‘I want to go back to Syria but my father told us that he wants to go to The United States of America,’ says Mona

Here's the best gift you can give this Christmas.  Warm winter clothes for a child.    Help a Syrian child survive the cold by providing a set of warm winter clothing. Your  gift will kit out a vulnerable child with jackets, trousers, fleeces, boots or strong shoes, scarf and a hat.

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We Spoke to the Photographer Behind the Picture of the Drowned Syrian Boy

Aylan Kurdi, found on a Turkish beach with other Syrian refugees drowned in an attempt to reach Greece. Thousands of refugees drowned in Mediterranean see, however, this image should finally united the world in solving the main cause – the war in Syria.

Syrian child. After seeing this child maybe we all wouldn't complaint so much about nothing?

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Syrian child--I don't know who this child is but she is beautiful. the not so pretty , sad side of it