God I loves these kind of things hahaha

I love my lord and savior Dil and I read the Bible every night

I would promptly propose to that waiter

Lmao having trouble breathing send help<< You called for help! A wild Phan proof appeared!

Finally all those PINOF videos coming to use *cracks knuckles*<<<*stretch arms*

Finally all those PINOF videos coming to use *cracks knuckles* <<< I've pinned this so many times

AmazingPhil & Danisnotonfire - Community - Google+

Okay is it a bad thing that my handwriting is almost identical to Dan's from his dream journal?<<< is it natural to have almost identical handwriting as Phil in TABINOF?

AT FIRST I WAS LIKE OMG.. then I realized it was photoshopped

Dan and Phil Phan Danisnotonfire AmazingPhil tatinof tabinof phan funny cute


o ohhh my goddd<<< no dan stop that! It is NOT okay! I'm not oke!

i fucking love this

i really wanted to see dan and phil singing breaking free again

OMG i want to hug whoever did this XD

OMG i want to hug whoever did this XD<< I once did this because teen fiction and teen romance were right across from each other

Omg they are both so cute and adorable and AHHHH!!! THE LITTLE SPORKS >.<

poster of Dan and Phil in a Photo Booth! Taken in an actual photo booth which resulted in a long line of people waiting behind us and some awkward curtain sh

Dill is the Phandom

I just wish Dil was real at times, even if he wasn't their son, just a friend of theirs, it would be so hilarious and cute ^_^