Tabletop christmas tree

Cute! Love the little tree, the basket, and the little ornaments! It's little, but it doesn't look puny :)

decorate with mini trees through out the house to feel the light and joy from the Christmas tree in every room of the house. Can be simple, or used for a different theme in every room. - my aunt Linda did this. How the holidays make me miss her.

Craftberry Bush | Cardboard Tabletop Christmas Tree tutorial |

A funny thing happened last week as I was at my local UPS store mailing THESE trees to my friend Autumn for a fun local TV show segment to promote the HELLO HOLIDAY guide. The owner of the UPS stor.

Tabletop tree made of vintage ornaments. Love it! 2014 Designs | Glittermoon Vintage Christmas                                                                                                                                                      More

Here are my 2014 designs thus far. Unless otherwise noted, the wreaths come with a nice, heavy-duty zippered storage bag to keep them clean and safely stored. I also post pictures on the Glittermo.

This would be a good porch decoration for Christmas through New Years Eve raz-2016-town-square-tree-2-trendytree

2016 RAZ Christmas Trees

The 2016 RAZ Christmas Tree images are ready for viewing. The RAZ designers do such a wonderful job of decorating trees each year and

paper mache cones with drilled holes painted white look like they are porcelain with battery powered tea lights --- now imagine a whole bunch in different sizes on the mantle with some greenery & snowCrispy Dried Orange Chips (aka - Dehydrated Orange Slices) can be used for so many wonderful things! |

How to: Make Modern Perforated Tabletop Christmas Trees

DIY modern perforated christmas trees: uses simple paper mache cones found at the craft store, drill a few holes (sand them a bit as needed) and spray paint white. Set a LED tealight (battery operated) under the cone for the lit up effect!

Yay! our xmas tree 2

Free & Easy Foraged Christmas Decorations