taino symbols I have two so far and plan to put then all on my body.  Puerto Rican Pride, Taino Pride.

An introduction to the taino symbols and words of Puerto Rico. Today, the Taino’s blood is part of the Puerto Rican heritage.

Native American Resources: Arawak & Taino Symbols and Meanings

These are handouts I have about Taino and Arawak symbols. Here is a website that uses a lot of the same information grouped in categorie.

Petro-Rican Picto-Graphs by Manuel Olmo-Rodriguez, via Behance

This personal project is a collection of 152 glyphs based and inspired by Puerto Rican petroglyphs, designed by Manuel Olmo-Rodriguez

Taino Sun and Moon Symbols by MaverickTears

This is the Taino symbols for the Sun and Moon, I made it for a set of Taino and Latin theme sticker set. I combined the two as a mini version of the re. Taino Sun and Moon Symbols