magic pink smoke...  casting a strong spell in the vapors....leaves one in A state of confusion.

:: The Witch's Hearth :: Pink Cauldron smoke. What magickal brew!

A Nightmare on Elm Street  Tales of Terror by Estevan Silveira

30 Freakishly Good Movie Poster Designs for Your Favourite Horror Films

A Nightmare on Elm Street by Estevan Silveira - Home of the Alternative Movie Poster -AMP-

Cover Artist magnus creative.

Huntsville author Melanie Dickerson recasts 'Snow White' as young adult fiction

The Fairest Beauty (Fairy Tale Romance Series) by Melanie Dickerson // Cover Artist magnus creative.

Call a Spirit Spell

13 Love Spells BOOK OF SHADOWS PAGE SET wicca print parchment spell ritual BOS

Call-a-Spirit-Spell-Book-of-Shadows-Page-BOS-Pages-Summoning-Spells-Wicca Prudent en parlent des esprits. Careful when talking with spirits.

The 8 Creepiest Fairy Tales |

This picture is classic image of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. I chose this picture because it represent typical imagery in fairy tales. The young, innocent looking girl going up against a bigger, badder, scarier creature.

I haven't actually seen it yet... I think i might cry in it... idk....

pirates_of_the_Caribbean will_turner henry_turner dead_men_tell_no_tales

130625d1348432895-2012-indoor-decorations-thread-theberggs-albums-2012-twisted-fairy-tales-picture130624-alice-wonderland-doorway-glowing-mask-wa.jpg 478×640 pixels

Cool and simple Alice in Wonderland decor idea: Turn a white door into a playing card!

I've always wanted to do a Halloween party that felt like being inside a dark fairytale. I love the idea of a poison bowl filled with apples (and perhaps pomegranates?)

Place fake red apples in a black "Poison" pot and paint one apple black to symbolize a poisonous one. The spider wine glass and hard resin book complete the supernatural look. Magic and Whimsy - Spooky Halloween Table Settings and Decorations on HGTV

BBC Two - The Last Kingdom, Series 1 - Erik

Erik from The Last Kingdom season 2 I really like the costume of the brothers

2013 INDOOR Decorations Thread-when-worlds-collide.jpg

Nice mermaid scenes and great inspiration. I wanted a Little Mermaid scene, but our theme included twists on Fairy Tales for our annual Boo Bash.

“You must be careful in the forest of thorns. There are tales about creatures that kill anyone who is foolish enough to cross this way. Anyone who goes in, never comes out.” -Author Unknown

This whimsical charcoal cat drawing. He who has not learned everyday to conquer their fear, has not learned the secret of life. Courage leads to heaven, fear leads to death ~Sencca