Tali. Mass Effect 3.

We take a look at several less disappointing Tali concepts that BioWare should've chosen instead of the one it used in Mass Effect

Fan Art - Mass Effect Tali -Afterword - Tali by HuggyBear742.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt  While this picture is fan art Tali's face was revealed briefly in Mass Effect 3 though certain requirements had to be met to do so. You only get to see a portrait photo of her though. This ended up causing quite a commotion among some of the die hard fans. It turns out the portrait was nothing but a doctored stock photo.

I finished this a few weeks ago, but I couldn't figure out the flavor text for it. I wanted to give Tali a couple of different looks for this one, but t.

Tali Face Sketches by QuarianGypsy.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Random parts of the game that I liked so I sketched Tali's expressions with her mask off. FOR DA FORUM!

Tali's Face Concept Art

Tali's Face Concept Art

Tali's Face, unmasked - Mass Effect 3 - Quarian

Tali's Face, unmasked - Mass Effect 3 - Quarian

tali yalonetzki

tali yalonetzki (The Jealous Curator)


- Tali Face Concept - Matt Rhodes: Concept Art – Behind the Scenes

my inspiration--maybe J can help me with the voice-activated mouth light

My second attempt at a Tail helmet for my friends costume. Still has all the bells and whistles of the old one (voice activated mouth light.

I wish my username was Shilin – Tali from Mass Effect c: Regardless of canon...

Tali'zorah vas Normandy - rough piece for Patreon by shilin, Mass Effect Fan Art of Tali, Digital Painting, Inspirational Art

Logan paul-draw so cute

Logan paul-draw so cute