{Adult} Cherry Limeade.  Mike made these last summer, use actual limeade and a splash of club soda instead.  Gives it a better cherry limeade flavor.  Also, grenadine makes for a less sweet drink.  Like going to Sonic!  If Sonic was a bar....

(Adult) Cherry Limeade

{Adult} Cherry Limeade - {i love} my disorganized lifeIngredients 4 oz Cherry flavored vodka {I used Smirnoff} 6 maraschino cherries, without stems 2 maraschino cherries, with stems 1 lime Lemon-Lime soda

Girl in a Band

National Women's History Month: 15 Books about women's greatest achievements, then and now

Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon’s memoir, "Girl in a Band" (Feb./HarperCollins) surprised me. I couldn't put the sucka down.

Me talking too someone in my science class.  Sonic the Hedgehog | Sonic Boom!

Reason to enjoy "Sonic Boom" The expressions of the characters (Sonic, for an example).

I'm printing this and taping it in my Paleontology textbook.

The Doctor meets River Song. She is an archeologist at The Library.

theunobliteratable: “STOP BEING CUTE ” Might be just me and my sonamy obsessed mind but it’s like he was subconsciously watching her train and daydreaming, then he’s like “oh wait she’s talking to me”

AMY:And whoever slacks gets a whack from the hammer so don't stammer SONIC: *Eating chili dog then stops and runs for his life

DIY laundry detergent...add baking soda to this recipe if it is a stinky load!

How to make your own laundry detergent

Don't do it. Just don't do it. I'm apart of all these fandoms and this is true, i will sonic you into next week, i'll avada- you,  i will cast you back to the shadows, i'll fight you with excalibur, i'll toss you out the window onto Mrs. Hudson's bins,  and i'll cover you in salt and light a match (because hunters always have our backs), then i'll bless you and tell you i'm sorry because i'm polite. So don't mess with me.

Percy Jackson: I loved that movie! Who's Nico/Leo? They literally fell in love!>>> Okey I'm not even in the Percy Jackson fandom and that hurt

The Doctor needs to talk to Dean and his husband...

Wait do you see how the doctor has a hand on cas's shoulder and he's talking not flirting but dean has a sort of squint and a protective hand on cas's arm clutching him. I love how Sam is just using the Doctor for support just looking at his phone.

“ Sonic has a severe case of “talk to the hand” syndrome. ”

I'm really enjoying Sonic Boom! I really HATE knuckles character design and how storm-like even his brain power is now.

18 Couples That Are The Face Of True Love. It's not what you think. Most of my fandoms are on here, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow...

18 Couples That Are The Face Of True Love

Art Deco Pen, 1930.

Inspiration for Luna’s Art Deco Guitar

Montblanc pen, Thomas Jefferson Limited Edition America's Signatures for Freedom Series Fountain Pen, This octagonal pen is decorated with solid gold rings bearing

Sonic Hedgehog Kids Colouring Pictures to Print-and-Colour Online

Sonic Hedgehog Kids Colouring Pictures to Print-and-Colour Online

My father had a Sega Genesis and he LOVED Sonic the Hedgehog. I don't know if I will ever see classic Sonic again without instantly thinking about him.

aww :3

I love making Sonic the shy one XD My blood needed some sonamy comics Apology