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Getting to and doing Taman Negara, Malaysia by yourself

Getting to and doing Taman Negara, Malaysia by yourself Guus: best vacation ever in done the tower bridge back then

Taman Negara National Park in Malaysia

Taman Negara is the world's oldest rainforest where jungle treks, white water rafting and canopy walks can all be enjoyed.

Taman Negara in Malaysia | Stunning Places #Places

Taman Negara Canopy Walkway, Malaysia – Located in the Taman Negara national park, Malaysia.

map-taman-negara Malasya

Taman Negara (National Park) is one of the most popular attractions in Malaysia.

5 things to do in Taman Negara, Malaysia

If I would have to name my absolute favourite place out of all my travels up until now, I would say Taman Negara straight away.

Taman Negara | Veelzijdig Maleisie

Taman Negara | Veelzijdig Maleisie

Malaysia Taman Negara

Taman Negara National Park, Malaysia This natural park is home to many of the world’s most endangered species, including Asian elephants, tigers, leopards and rhinos. You might even see a flying squirrel in the dense and mystical jungle.