Tanaka Haikyuu!! Funny >>> I was like Ennoshita during this scene ahahahah

Poor Enoshita 😂 Tanaka is ripped af though look at that damn six pack

dduuuude y'all don't know how much I relate

You guys. My FAMILY! Now I see where the awkward came from.

So true

lol the fandom just labels him as a really nice person when in actuality, he was the one who closed the door on tobio and shouyou. Like, did you see his face then?

Haikyuu!! • #hq #tanaka #nishinoya

Haha, oh Tanaka. But come one Nishinoya, you would totally be playing some kind of instrument right along with him there!

Haikyuu!! - Tanaka Ryuunsuke

- Tanaka Ryuunosuke When you don't have pockets but you're a delinquent so you gotta keep your rep up

Me as a mom HHAHAHAH || Haikyuu ♛

Meanwhile my mom while watching it says "why do you like this? It's just guys yelling and playing volleyball." But what my mom doesn't know is that it' much more than that.

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くんくん on

Ok, so I finally got attrackted to Kageyama after seing this fanart xD hahahaha