Man! If I had the time and money I would so do this...maybe I still will...Halloween is about 2 months away...Maybe if I find my Eugene.

Rapunzel's Wig Tutorial 5 by echoing-artemis on deviantART Pretty sure that's the most beautiful Rapunzel wig I've ever seen.

Rapunzel Tangled Cosplay tutorial- puff sleeves - snow white or rapunzel sleeves.

DIY - How to Make: Doll UGG Boots - Winter - Holiday - Craft - 4K

Looking for some Rapunzel cosplay ideas? Check out this hand-made costume tutorial for the Disney Tangled's Princess wonderful dress!

Mother Gothel Cosplay by on @DeviantArt

Mother Gothel Cosplay from the movie rapunzel takes place in the in germany. Her cloke suggests high power and class. Her costume is renaissance and can be found in shows like game of thrones