This takes a lot of work if you know how to do this but if you don't..... don't even try do this!

Mindblowing works by Mindy Darling, but you can actually do this yourself! For this galaxy part just print out a picture of a galaxy, cut it to that shape, draw the girl, and you are good to go!

Click this image to show the full-size version.

Tangled Tattoo I think that this would look awesome on my calf.this is the only Disney movie that I have ever even considered getting a tattoo of I just love it so much!

Drawing Korra! This was seriously one of my favorite episodes yet! Please Enjoy: Help Support me on Patreon! (Video demos, tutorials, PSDs and more!)

Had to make an Episode Drawing Tangled! One of my favorite Disney Movies, hope you enjoy it!: Help Support me on Patreon! (Video demos, tutorials, PSDs and m.

Zentangle drawing is so freaking fun and easy- this is a very easy idea to get you started on Zentangle basics.

Totally Easy Zentangle

Super Easy tangle project- using a bullseye drawing to draw inside. This is a fun, easy drawing game for everybody.

I like the hair in this one. Again, I don't want it to look like actual hair. Haven't found an exact image to describe what I want.

Love this Rapunzel picture! I went to see Into The Woods and it's a very good movie! This Rapunzel made me think about it :)

This is such a beautiful Rapunzel drawing. All credit goes to the drawers- great job!

Hello Punzie and Pascal by ~AnnieIsabel on deviantART I love this classic shot of Rapunzel but done in the old handrawn style.

Super quick and easy Zentangle Project!

Quick and Easy Tangle Drawing

Easy Zentangle Project - this is a great art project for kids or creative fix for when you don't want to draw for hours.

a Single Drop of Sunlight-Tangled I love tangled and rascals definitely my favorite!

a Single Drop of Sunlight-Tangled.I love tangled and pascal's definitely my favorite!< this is one of the most beautiful tangled drawings I've ever seen.

A super quick and easy Zentangle project for when you don;t have a lot of time- great for kids!

Quick and Easy Tangle Drawing