Brian Bolland. (Just me who thinks that Tank Girl looks like Lana??)

Tank Girl - Brian Bolland - I have this on my office wall, signed by Alan Martin

Tank Girl - Jamie Hewlett Jamie Hewlett is one of my main inspirations since I pretty much grew up on Tank Girl and Gorillaz. I love his edgy style and his combinations of photography and drawings

Tank Girl

Tank Girl, the character created by writer Alan Martin and artist Jamie Hewlett, first saw print as a comic strip in The British series, original.

Tank girl drawing. :) I like this picture as it gives me a more clear descriptive on the art style of Tank girl.

Tank Girl

From the brilliant minds of Alan Martin Jamie Hewlett. came the original Tank Girl comics. She’s female, ferocious and foul-mouthed. the girl U want. (tankgirl - the girl u want,

tank girl facebook cover - Buscar con Google

My icon is Tank Girl. tank girl is a cartoon strip written by Alan Martin and illustrated by the wonderful Jamie Hewlett (who now does the.

Meanwhile, on Tank Girl’s Facebook page, artist and all-round geezer Brett Parson is breaking all records with more than 5,000 “Likes” in less than 24 hours for this choice, cheeky pic of Tank Girl with her arse out.

Tank Girl Bazooka by blitzcadet [check out all the Tank Girl art]

Cosplay Island | View Costume | FairyPorchQueen - Tank Girl - Rebecca Buck

Alan Martin is searching for a new Tank Girl artist - Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources