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"I've always worn Victoria's Secret bras, and I've never loved them. But I figured that's just how bras are: kind of frustrating, requiring constant adjustments during the day. When I got my Third Love bra, I put it on and then immediately threw my other bras away. THIS IS THE BEST BRA I'VE EVER WORN. It's absurdly supportive, yet so, so comfortable. Straps stay up. Boobs don't fall out the bottom. This bra is perfect." — Sarah G.

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How to afford all the clothes you could ever want

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Here’s part two of the building basics series. Which bottoms should you have in your closet for a time capsule wardrobe?

Summer time!

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clubmonaco: “ “ River Tubing ” The perfect summer activity? The nearest river, a tube, and your closest pals. ” yes, please… the thermometer in the car read 105 yesterday… ah, texas…

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Florida hear I come! but seriously, why is it I love all these cool looking bathing suits and then realize they would leave awful tan lines??? Someone NEEDS to invent anti-tanline cream because SPF doesn't cut it!

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How to afford all the clothes you could ever want

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