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Stephen James by Errikos Andreou

*Model ~age:Twenty Six *Birthdate: 4 from December 1990 ~ig:whosielijah *i'm not Stephen James

STEPHEN JAMES @whoiselijah @thomasroyalldn #...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

Instagram Post by STEPHEN JAMES (@whoiselijah)

I Love guys Tattoos! And I myself love tattoos im gonna put some more tatts onmy body soon!

I never pin hot guys..but good god this kid gives me shivers. Sorry, I had to do it.

franksstupidsuit: “vogue-copenhagen: “ ilymorgannn: “ how is this legal ” lady boner ” Stephen James’ tattoos are so sick, Salvador Dali portrait sleeve, his torso and back pieces as well ” Wtf😍

young #man with #tattoo sleeve cuddling his #dog

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I'm Gavyn Cartwell and I'm nineteen years old. I'm originally from Erudite but I made it through the initiation with flying colors. I run a tattoo parlor in the Pit and I get frequent customers. I live above the parlor with my girlfriend, Lena, and when she's not working, she helps me down there.

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Daniel Bamdad tatted up :)

I love a man smoking. (I don't care how disgusting smoking is, he's sexy.

My next tat idea! This couldn't be more true for me....lol I'll have my tat guy redraw it of course.

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a great tat idea! This is pretty true for me.lol I'll have my tat guy redraw it of course.