Top 74 Couple Tattoos for Love Birds

Top 74 Couple Tattoos for Love Birds

best friend tattoos in The Nightmare Before Christmas font. AND my favorite band! Great for a best friend tat :) or mother/father/daughter/son whatever combo! :) I really love this font.

So pretty dreamcatcher - and love the size | 50 Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs for Women | Cuded

60 Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs for Women

Dream catcher tattoo, I love the idea of having it right behind your ear and on your head, so it's as close as possible to your dreams

dream catcher tattoo - Google Search

36 Meaningful Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

Tattoo dragonfly, roses & hammer by erik jacobsen back tattoo Dream Catcher Tattoos

Dream catcher tattoo

Dream catcher tattoo Dreams can come true, you just need to make them happen. Live your dream.

I like the quilt idea with the heart. Have patterns to represent the things in our life that I love... our garden, our pups, a rainbow, poem, sun/moon images... hmmmm I like it. | cute-tattoo

I love this patched heart tattoo! It's a great way to integrate friends and family that make up your heart. (The Design on Each Patch Has Some Sort Of Symbolic Representation of That Person)

Welcome to the mysterious world of Placide Avantia—an illustrator, tattoo artist, and self-professed alien. Working from Fuscare—her dimly lit studio located in the south of France—Placide Avantia uses black vegan ink and her dark imagination to spawn creatures that otherwise dwell only in nightmares, alternate worlds, and untold myths. From razor-beaked crows to the jagged...

Darkened Ink: An Interview with Placide Avantia

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dream catcher tattoo. Love! the placement too. Added to my list of tats to get.

Miley Cyrus Dream Catcher Tattoo is inked on her right side or ribcage and is her biggest tattoo yet. This dreamcatcher's meaning ties into Native American

Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Tree Spider (Poecilotheria metallica) very rare, endangered & native to SE India & Sri Lanka

This is called the Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Tree Spider (Poecilotheria metallica) and even its name is all fancy. They're insanely rare, too, only being found in a single location. Habitat: Southeastern India and Sri Lanka Status: Critically Endangered

I know you will like this. Too bad you went straight to flying...the fall is gonna be a fucker. Enjoy.

77 Best Tattoo Quotes with Examples

_ birds & quote tattoo shoulder tattoo _ "sometimes you've gotta fall before you fly"