Mens Inner Forearm Wanderlust Sketched Camera Tattoo Designs

Discover ink from around the globe with the top 70 best wanderlust tattoo designs for men. Explore cool plane and travel inspired body art ideas.

Photography tattoo by Mateus Wojtak                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Photography tattoo by Mateus Wojtak More [smaller but maybe on wrist or inside of forearm somewhere]

This is such a cool idea. Too bad I've sworn I'll only get black tattoos

Red tattooes from Eva's arms; she has no fewer than eighteen to date. When asked why the red tattoos, she tells me that she is a huge fan of Brandon Boyd (from the band Incubus), who has some of his tattoos in red.

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Wave and mountains tattoo by Stella Luø - Little Tattoos for Men and Women Ankle?

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