Black Cat tattoo for those that need that extra bit of luck. Description from I searched for this on

20+ Minimalistic Cat Tattoos For Cat Lovers

Small rose tattoo on the wrist. Tattoo Artist: Sol Tattoo

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33 Minimalist Phoenix Tattoo Ideas | Scorpio Quotes

33 Minimalist Phoenix Tattoo Ideas: The Phoenix is a symbol of a third-stage Scorpio. These Scorpios exercise power through love, healing and transformation. The Phoenix represents a Scorpio who has (Small Tattoos)

Love this detail, getting anxious for my half sleeve

Love the depth of tone on the rose and the black shading in the background. I'd have roman numerals or elegant font on my wrist instead. I'd want the same placement but on my other arm and maybe less roses. k

World map tattoo on the wrist. Tattoo artist: Jon... - Little Tattoos for Men and Women

2017 trend Tiny Tattoo Idea - Globe-Trotter - Delicate Minimalist Tattoos That Exude Understated Elegance - Ph.