Taurus female

Taurus: Shit!! That's soo on point! My bro is also a taurus like me but we sooo different

Aries female - this is on point and it just makes me feel super happy and idek but it's just yes

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Taurus women are most magnetic and erotic pulling in the opposite sex. Spoiling your lover is a must.

True most of the time but if really hurt then I can hold a grudge for life!

How long can your sign hold a grudge? SCORPIO: all of eternity CAPRICORN: don't even bother apologizing!

Afgezien van het feit dat je moet oppassen dat je de persoon in kwestie niet stuk maakt... De enige reden waarom ik inhou

The reason why Taurus female is so brutally honest about things is because she's not scared of you at all. Not fond of your loud noises, so we try and keep the peace, but if you piss us off, your loud noise will wet itself when it hears mine

That's me

Rottenecards - A Taurus Woman is the strongest woman in the zodiac. They are not one to mess with. Unlike the other 11 signs of the zodiac, what you see with her is what you get, no hidden agenda.