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The best and worst romantic astrology matches for every sign. Zodiac sign love compatibility can help you better understand why you're attracted to someone.


x my dad wakes up at for work, is gone in about 5 mins (leo) / my mom whenever she gets ready, about 30 mins tops (aries) my sister takes about 10 (cancer) and I take however ling I want to. (virgo) xD x

I overthink absolutely everything. Not kidding

if u meet me don't ask me a math question because I will overthink it and then when u write it on your paper and the teacher says a total different answer. just don't ask me a math question your safer that way (>~<)

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The people who know me and who I trust, will tell you that I can gab as much as the next person.

If I'm with you, I want YOUR love, YOUR approval,  YOUR acceptance,  YOUR attention,  and nobody else matters.

VERY TRUE! "Only attention a Taurus needs is from the people that matter the most to them.