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The Epic Cheat Sheet to Deductions for Self-Employed Rockstars

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Business Tax Form

Business tax returns are a whole other level of complicated. Here's a look at the most important forms you'll need to complete if you own a business:[INFOGRAPHIC]

Understanding Your W2 Form #taxes

This Is The Only Guide You'll Need To Decipher Your W-2

Common home daycare tax deductions for child care providers! A checklist of write-offs that is easy to follow for family child care business owners!

Home Daycare Tax Deductions for Child Care Providers

The big list of home daycare tax deductions for family child care businesses! A checklist of tax write-offs that all child care providers should know about!

When you own your own business we don't have the luxury of filling out a quick form and handing it in to our boss. We are the boss. And there are a lot more things than just one form that we need to take into account when filing taxes for our small business. One of the major things that gets forgotten or not taken advantage of is deductions. Today, the amazing Amy Northard, THE Accountant for Creatives is filling us in all about deductions!  |  Think Creative Collective

7 Things You Forget to Deduct on Your Taxes (+ 3 That You Can't)

As hard as I try, I always end up with at least a few folders full of receipts, forms, and miscellaneous items throughout the year, inevitably cluttering my filing cabinet and desk drawer. Since the tax deadline has come and gone, it's an opportune time to empty out the drawers full of "I'll get to that later" papers and decide what to shred, what to scan and store on a flash drive, and which items to retain on file.

Party Ready Gift Ideas for the Consummate Entertainer

Organize Small Business Taxes {plus free printables}

Organize Small Business Taxes {plus free printables

Taxes - 2015 Individual Income Tax Forms and Instructions

Taxes Site - List of forms needed to register your business with the Michigan Department of Treasury.