At this point, we've seen eye shadows in every color of the rainbow (and beyond). Maybe it's just us, but even with a kaleidoscope of shades at our fingert

The Unexpected Eye Shadow Color It Girls Are Obsessed With

femmes au café

at the Café de Flore before heading to looking at things with an appropriately existential twist. “Modeling is about staying relevant,” says Hill. But who defines relevance?

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i got a question? you took 2 years of spanish and you dont remember crap? i took 2 years of arabic and i can read most of it

24 Hours in the Life of Taylor Hill at Paris Fashion Week

24 Hours in the Life of Taylor Hill at Paris Fashion Week

typically avoids the tourist spots of Paris and aspires to be “part of the city, part of the culture.” But at the end of a long night, and an even longer month, it is hard not to fall for.

loose neck sweater + distressed jeans + black ankle boots

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Emi ~ Mimi's daughter ~ the same figure as her mother (slightly less wide hips) ~ ~ another French type ~ she reminds me of warm family holidays everyday ~ very symmetrical ~ equally as youthful as her mother ~ (Emi is very red)