Taylor Schilling / hair

Taylor Schilling hosts the 2015 Play Company's Cabaret Gourmet. Makeup by Tina Turnbow.

Les cheveux blonds cendrés de Taylor Schilling

Ce qu'il faut savoir sur le blond cendré

Les cheveux blonds cendrés de Taylor Schilling

Taylor Schilling - The Lucky One movie premiere LA

Taylor Schilling Photos Photos: Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "The Lucky One" - Red Carpet

Taylor Schilling bob hairstyle

Bob hairstyles: The best celebrity bobs to inspire your hairdo

Bob hairstyles are seriously hot. Check out some of our favourite celebrity bob hairstyles - and remember to save the pic to show your hairdresser.

Orange Is The New... on

Orange Is The New... on

She is so naturally beautiful ! Love & please watch ORANGE is the new black great show in episode 5

OITNB estrella Taylor Schilling Obtiene Glam para la cubierta de verano Glows Shoot

OITNB Star Taylor Schilling Gets Glam for Glow Shoot by Chris Nicholls

Taylor Schilling Glow Magazine m-up/ Georgie Eisdell hair by Richard Marin

Taylor Schilling - Piper Chapman, Orange is the New Black, great tv, female beauty, portrait, b/w

'Orange Is the New Black': The Rolling Stone Photo Shoot

Taylor Schilling

Face Time

In the winter I put it on my face before bedtime. It soaks in overnight in such a nice way, and leaves my skin smooth and soft - says Taylor Schilling (star of serie Orange is The New Black) about her skin care routine