Taylor Swift - Speak Now, Song List / Collage   1.	"Mine"  	 2.	"Sparks Fly"   3.	"Back to December"  	 4.	"Speak Now"  	 5.	"Dear John"  	 6.	"Mean"  	 7.	"The Story of Us"  	 8.	"Never Grow Up"  	 9.	"Enchanted"  	 10.	"Better Than Revenge"  	 11.	"Innocent"  	 12.	"Haunted"  	 13.	"Last Kiss"  	 14.	"Long Live"   15.    "Ours" 16.    "Superman"

Taylor Swift - Speak Now, Song List / Collage "Mine" "Sparks Fly" "Back to December" "Speak Now" "Dear John" "Mean" "The Story of Us" "Never Grow Up" "Enchanted" "Better Than Revenge" "Innocent" "Haunted" "Last Kiss" "Long Live" "Ours" "Superman"

#taylorswift Took a deep breath in the mirror He didn't like it when I wore high heels But I do Turn the lock and put my headphones on He always said he didn't get this song But I do, I do

How is it possible for so much perfection to be embodied in one person. She must be an angle sent from heaven Taylor Swift

Mine- Speak now world tour

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Speak Now World Tour I have this poster

Taylor Nation on

Throwback to Taylor on the Speak Now Tour in Taylor Nation ( McHardy McHardy Taylor Nation) days "How's this for an epic hair flip?

speak now tour intro speech- one of the most magical parts of the concert... :)

Others think she is a bitch, but I think she is an Inpirration not coz she write songs bout break ups but I think she is an inspiration because she writes about things us girls have, will or are going through and she is genuine.