Teacups are great for repurposing into crafts and home decor projects!  They're inexpensive, colorful, interesting, and their unique shap...

40 Ideas of How To Reuse Tea Cup Artistically---recylced teacup and saucer lamp

Tea cup lamp, not a hugh "teacup" fan but, this is so cute. Cute for a kitchen counter/nook, reading table or night stand... Not My China But maybe some from the thrift store

12 Creative Thrift Store DIY Art & Decor Projects

Make your own teacup lamp via FeatheringMyNest.ca

An in depth teacup lamp tutorial where Lacey shares every detail so that you can turn your granny's unused teacups into a lamp you'll use every day.

Beautiful Teacups To Use and To Decorate With

Beautiful Teacups To Use and To Decorate With

3 Quirky Lamps To Try At Home | Apartment Therapy

3 Quirky Lamps To Try At Home

Tea Cup Lamp - If you LOVE this! - get to Habitat ReStore. So much to choose from, changes often.

Tea cup lamp base from anthropologie :) I just inherited a small portion of Grandma's dishes. This would be a good use and way to keep them all together.

Putting On My Top Hat…Lamp?

My favorite Anthropologie lamp with a custom shade made from a hat and anthropologie jewelry. Client loved it. reminds me of Alice in wonderland

DIY teacup lamp - or, how to drill a hole through china/porcelain

Pointers for drilling china/glass - interesting info and cool links

If i were super crafty and had a house these would look good in I would make one of these (or have the husband make one for me.) Tea Cup Lights

Bonnes Vacances

Cool quirky teacup light cluster at The Garrison, a quintessentially English gastro pub. We're totally inspired to try something on a smaller scale in the kitchen. Now to look out for pretty cups and saucers.

Great idea ...Tea anyone?  Although the only way I could stand to drill into a beautiful teacup is if there were some chip or crack. I love china too much.  LOL

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Wedding Idea {DIY Tip} Glue the tea cups to their saucers. String an power cable with light fitting through each and suspend above your wedding tables! Or just make a light fixture for AIW room :)

tea cup lamp

Man Vs. Pin: DIY Tea Cup Lamp