I Teach. What's your super power?: Main Idea and Supporting Details + Surviving the End of the Year Students create their own main idea bag.

Teaching Main Idea of Nonfiction Text *3 Different Ways

Focusing on teaching students how to identify the main idea in a text using three easy strategies. Particularly useful when reading nonfiction, but also important in all reading comprehension aspects.

Free printable - Students must group words based on similar topics - a great introduction to teaching main idea for grade, grade, or grade students.

Use these task cards to get kids practicing how to find the main idea and supporting details. Check out the full version: Main Idea Bundle Other

Great for teaching main idea/details. Give each group a bag to figure out what their main idea would be (ex: baking a cake). Includes a graphic organizer to fill in the main idea of the bag and the supporting details (ex: eggs)

How to Find the Main Idea: FREE Resources

Too often students struggle to understand the connection between main ideas and the other sentences in a paragraph. Manipulative/visual - Main idea table top with supporting ideas.

These main idea practice pages are perfect for main idea beginners! Each page includes a short, easy to read passage with 2 questions. The first question asks students to write the main idea. The second questions asks students to color