Teaching toddlers letters

Lots of Montessori phonics resources plus video to help parents teach letter sounds to their children at home. Video tells how to pronounce each letter sound, gives a suggested order for teaching letters, and includes a simple phonics game for toddlers!

Teach Letter Sounds to Your Child Using Montessori Principles

Music with Kids: Song Cubes and Finding the Beat., A super fun way to learn rhythm, beat, and simple tunes for toddlers, preschoolers, pre-k, and kindergarten kids at home or school. Includes free printable too! - Pre-K Pages

Music with Kids: Song Cubes and Finding the Beat

The order for teaching letter recognition to kids - brilliant reasoning. A must read!!

Teaching Letter Recognition - what order to introduce letters

The order for teaching letter recognition, and why! Plus a ton of fun games and activities to have little ones learn the alphabet, letter sounds, and how to print in no time!

Fun Things to Do with Your babies and toddlers interesting art in preschool education

Fun preschool art activities, A to E hand print alphabet arts for Kindergarten kids, kids hand painting ideas, hand printed arts for preschool kids

Create a preschool learning activities binder with a free printable for letters and shapes. (ad)

Learning Activities Binder & Free Printable

teaching toddlers letters

teaching toddlers letters

Touch and Feel Shapes, DIY cards for fun learning!

Touch and Feel Shapes

Paper Plate BIG Alphabet Memory Game - Great alphabet activity for preschoolers

Paper Plate BIG Alphabet Memory Game

Sticker Names Toddler Activity: What an awesome indoor activity for toddlers. A great quick and easy activity that toddlers and preschoolers will love! Fine motor skills activity for toddlers.

Sticker Names Toddler Activity

Sticker names. Change to sight word sticker activities or use to practice spelling words (smaller stickers and smaller font won't be as expensive to buy labels)

Classroom handprint alphabet chart and student alphabet book. Great to hang as an alphabet chart in your classroom for your students to refer to, giving your students ownership of their learning environment!

I think it is so important for students to take ownership of their learning environment. I want the students to feel at home in our classro.