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the feels is so real I so proud of team 7 you guys started from the bottom but now your on the Top. Naruto Hokage/Strongest ninja Sakura Is an Uchiha not to maintain Kage level Jounin/Strongest Kunoichi Sasuke just Strongest ninja they are all Sannin

Naruto by Pixiv Id 903594 http://www.zerochan.net/Pixiv+Id+903594

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I have tears in my eyes right now. I'm the same age as them and I've grown up and gone on this journey with them for all these years. Beautiful.

kakashi's still kakashi like everyone grew up and cut their hair and crap but kakashi just took his hitai ate off nothing about kakashi has changed

My favorite anime: Naruto and ユーリ!!! on Ice. For me, anime&manga NARUTO ended at 699: battle of...

My favorite anime: Naruto and ユーリ! on Ice. For me, anime&manga NARUTO ended at battle of.