Plush Purple Teddy Bear - I wanted to design a teddy bear crochet pattern, thought I'd use this as a guide to shaping it.

Plush Purple Teddy Bear

Plush Purple Teddy Bear - I love all teddy bears but cannot resist purple ones


A small soft teddy bear is just a perfect baby gift for small baby hands to hug. With this free and super easy pattern, you will sew one in no time.

bear patterns for sewing | Good teddy bear sewing patterns are essential ... | Sewing - Stuffed ...

Good teddy bear sewing patterns are essential when making your very own handmade teddy bears. Whether you are making a special gift for someone.

Teddy Bears - A History of Teddy Bears & Teddy Bear Collecting - World Collectors Net

Almost every child owns a teddy bear, and so it's amazing to think that less than a century ago, these toys hadn't even been thought of.

Megelles Free Teddy Bear Making pattern - Joe Teddy Bear pattern free

Original handmade artist teddy bears and patterns by Lisa Dopking of Megelles. Lisa has a beautiful studio for Teddy bear making ,Patchwork & sewing classes.

Packed up Bear...cute way to display a bear

Teddy bear in a hat box. Here's an idea for you ;) Smaller for centerpiece Idea

P!NK Teddy Bears                                                                                                                ✮∙ẗℍ!йḲᖮℕ∙¶!ℼḰ∙✮

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steampunktendencies: “Steampunk Teddy Bears By Elena Kamatskaya ”

steampunktendencies: Steampunk Teddy Bears By...