God I love this scene! | 26 Reasons Why Derek Is The Sexiest Monster On "Teen Wolf"

Derek basically using his hotness to seduce hopeless teens into joining his wolf pack.

aiden, allison, teen wolf

Boyd, Erica, Aiden, Allison, teen wolf even though u wolves (and hunter) died you'll always be in our hearts

Teen Wolf Season 2 ❤ This is so sad! Especially Isaac's. I feel bad for all of them. They all seem tough, but they all have something they are secretly going through.

Teen Wolf season Ugh all the feels! The scene with Stiles and his dad was so sad >.

Boyd and stiles. Teen wolf, Stiles looked so upset after that

Boyd and stiles. Teen wolf, Stiles looked so upset after that<<WTH Boyd? You join a werewolf pack just to not sit alone at lunch and then you're mean to someone trying to make nice? No wonder you had no friends. (jk, I cried when you died)

Teen Wolf mmm. Derek and Jackson! Scott and stiles too ha

Teen Wolf is my all time favourite program, if anyone says they're a bigger fan then me, they are lying!

Teen wolf

Teen Wolf poor Stiles is always gonna be remembered by his jeep :( I am going to get Derek's symbol as a tatoo when I'm older

Teen Wolf - Derek and his pack<-------the best part is tiny little kanima Jackson!

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