Teenage Engineering's OP-1 portable workstation synth

In the interim, I think the thing I’m working with the most is the It’s a sampler-based synthesizer, and I honestly think it’s the most important instrument that’s come into my life since I first picked up a guitar when I was 12 years old.

Review: Teenage Engineering OD-11 | If the sound is too vanilla for your taste…

Review: Teenage Engineering OD-11

Forty years after it debuted in Sweden, Teenage Engineering has given Stig Carlsson's classic speaker a modern overhaul.

TEENAGE ENGINEERING OP-1 by Nova Musik, via Flickr

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Teenage Engineering/Cheap Monday "Pocket Operator - Factory" micro synthesizer

New Pocket Operators - Pocket Synths Coming From Teenage Engineering

Wow. a thing of beauty. OD-11 - Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering call their new product the world's first cloud speaker. By that, they mean the Cloud Speaker will pull its content exclusively over

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Revisited some work recently with some new lighting techniques I've been working on. Just for fun, because I really love Teenage Engineering.

Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering's new pocket synths mine the sounds of the '80s

OP-1 Accessories - Teenage Engineering    I can't make music but damn I want this! So beautifully crafted!

The a battery powered pocket music synthesizer is an ambitious little project from Teenage Engineering. Teenage Engineering is a company who has always been doing things creative.

teenage engineering – store

teenage engineering – store

new product catalogues #teenageengineering #namm (at Teenage Engineering)

new product catalogues (at Teenage Engineering)