I do this to MAKE SURE its loud enough for everyone to hear

I do this frantically every time I have headphones in for the first like 10 mins, especially if it's really quiet around me 😊

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Well, not the last three. I remember a bunch of useless stuff, and the stomach one has never happened to me, and the last one is just silly.

All the time!! Every day I swear! this is just so true


Checking your phone for the time - again. (funny,quotes,phones) YES!

More like 50% I'll see a weeping Angel or get attacked by a Vasta Nerada, and 50% I'll see a face looking back at me.

More like I'll see a weeping Angel or get attacked by a Vasta Nerada, and I'll see a face looking back at me. <--------- yes. And actually had a dream once were there was a face staring at me through my window.

Yeah....and when its something stupid they are fighting about :P

Me and my friends try not to laugh amd then the teacher comes over and says "whats so funny" and then we say it was a joke.

One time my eng teacher done this to me, so I said "As this is part of my rights as a human, yes I can." And then got out

My first grade teacher did this to me, and I was too young to understand what she was doing. So eventually I would just leave the classroom without asking if I could.

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Teenager Post ~ I hate when waiters ask "Are you done with that?" When the plate is completely clear. Like nah, imma eat the plate too.

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It says "teenager", but any teacher can tell you this is true for the adults in staff meetings too.

Omg I thought I was the only one! It helps me prepare to hide my gadget if they come up the stairs to check on me!!


My sister's ankles pop and she skips steps, my mom kind of has a bean when she comes up the stairs. my brother is always in a hurry, skipping steps, and my dad always takes his time.

This has happened to me and actually will have to sit down sometimes. And it hurts like no mans business when you actually fall.

This happens to me all the time sometimes its actually really scary. one time i did it and i fell and turned backwards hit my head on the wall and did backwards summersaults the rest of the way down the stairs.>>>Hate when this happens.

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Yes and they leave a ugly black streak uggg