Potential tentacles up and down leg

Cool tentacles but I would want this with an entire octopus!

Know Your Cephalopods!

Know Your Cephalopods!

squid tattoo - Google Search

tentacle tattoo (nice but a bit too for this)

♏ Scorpio is the turbulent water surge, frozen in Fixed quality, wrapped in conflict with the combative Mars propelling the deep frenetic thrust into the underworld with noxious Pluto. The Scorpio island is the nuclear battlefield, wrestling with Mars and Pluto. Fire and Water the mixture within, beautiful, yet destructive, sumptuous Ubiquity

Awesome idea for a mermaid tattoo with octopus hair!

Octopus Limited Edition of 75 and 10 Artist Proofs

Katy Jade Dobson is a UK based oil painter from Yorkshire. Katy Jade Dobson uses a number of mediums to paint her amazing pieces.


OCEAN // OCTOPUS PRINT 50 X 70 - I can pair this 3 ways! The octopus print with the lyrics to the Beatles' "Octopuses Garden" with the music. A Triple Ekphrasic example!

This is cool.  I want an octopus tattoo mainly for the design of the tentacles.  Why not JUST tentacles?  Hmmm . . .

I want this octopus tattoo mainly for the design of the tentacles. Why not JUST tentacles?maybe on my ankle or calf


Wednesday Addams T-Shirt by Megan Lara. I Hate Everything is a t-shirt for fans of the Addams Family and Wednesday Addams in particular.

Octopsychedelia by TAOJB @ Society 6

Octopsychedelia Canvas Print

This needs to be my second heart tattoo. #heart  #kraken #octopus

I'm in love with this octopus heart tattoo

I have mad respect for the octopus tattoos, but sadly I don’t think they belong on me…

Such a pretty octopus design. Maybe with a swirling ocean design for the background

Octopus tattoo by @blacktattooing on Instagram

Details🐙 thank you Bryan

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Octopus Tentacle by SweetestMalificia on deviantART. I like how the line work emphasis the movement and form of the tentacle, it looks like it is in motion.

Check out this @Behance project: "Tentacle Treats"…

‘Swirly Tentacle Treat (gumdrop)’ by Jennifer Smith

Victoriana: The Art of Revival, Guildhall, City of London

Victoriana: The Art of Revival, Guildhall, City of London

Octopus Tentacle. Maybe turn it "upside down" and put it down my leg?

If this were a tall poster, I'd put it on my bathroom door!