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17 parenting texts that are just way too funny

Once my mom forgot my little bro in the car with the windows closed asleep in valet parking. It was hilarious to watch her chase the car through the massive parking lot when she realized he went with us

The newest Disney princess: | If None Of These Hilarious Texts Make You Laugh, Nothing Will

If None Of These Hilarious Texts Make You Laugh, Nothing Will

Mozzarella mozzarella night and day it's mozzarella no time to bake the pizzas or make the spaghetti


30 Hilarious Texts!

This would be the longest post on Sharenator, but for some reason i can't post more pictures onto this post, so it's split into a two part post (kinda defeats the poi.

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Top 30 Very Funny Texts

Digging holes and naming them. Gaffer - - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

Take a hypomanic bipolar girl and an ADHD girl, make them best friends and pump them full of caffeine....and this conversation suddenly seems boringly normal. XD

One sheep two sheep cos turtle duck ol McDonald had a farm ehhhh Macarena

19 Embarrassing Moments Anyone Who hates it when people don't know proper grammar will understand lol

19 Embarrassing Moments Anyone Who Sucks At Grammar Understands. Lol it's so fun to piss her off :) you're a joke and you know it :) Enjoy my random pins. I was going to correct the lovely typing on on my cell but I left it just for you :)

My dad would've just hit him. That's what happened to the money that wouldn't move.

Why did the turkey cross the road? He didn't, he's an asshole & just stood in front of my car for 5 min.