Handmade thank you cards! The kids made these for their teachers' end of the year gifts.

Flowers printed with stamps?

After Annabelle's Birthday, we set about making some thank you cards. After a little search on Pinterest  we decided to try some fingerprint flowers! Annabelle chose various coloured paints, and sh...

Fingerprint flowers (may calendar)

Finger-Print Thank You Cards. Love Laugh and Learn

Finger-Print Thank You Cards. Love Laugh and Learn good for volunteer thank yous

Flower pot teacher gift  Thank you for helping  by MelanieLupien

Flower pot teacher gift - Thank you for helping me grow flower pot - teacher appreciation gift

Pencil Shavings Cards – Thank You Flowers

Say it with flowers – Pencil Shavings flowers!

May Basket for May Day.......Thank You Card (from Crafting Creatures) using Quilling

Crafting Creatures: Quilled flowers for a thank you card

These simple but delicate flowers were made by sewing organza onto a canvas background. The finished result is similar to that of a painted picture but far more special and unique. The needle was my pen and the fabric was my paint. This card would shine out from any others in a line up. It would be perfect for framing as a special memento to keep long after the event. Each card is individually handmade by me in my studio so small variations from the one in the photo make it uniquely special…

Handmade flower card. Handmade birthday, get well, thank you flower card Personalised flower card

You guys look how awesome this photo is by @thecuriousnomad of my…

Botanical illustrations and nature journal love. Photo is by of my and her beautiful collection of botany books.

Thank you to those nasty people who seem to think that vandalising someone's car & property is the right thing to do. You may think you are clever, however, I find you all low ! Maybe you should get a life and stop harassing others. Thank you, for you continued hate of support towards myself & Ed. With Love xxx

Felicity French Thank-you-flowers.

Thank you Florals by HartlandBrooklyn on Etsy

Thank You Florals