DIY Wonder Woman tiara and bracelets. Tiara: found a template on Pinterest for the shape of the crown. Then traced it onto peel &stick glitter foam sheet, cut it out. Hot glued a piece of felt to the back of the peel and stick (for something soft against the skin) Finally, I took a piece of elastic and hot glued it in between the glitter foam and felt.  Bracelets, two toilet paper rolls cut for openings then cut and glued glitter foam sheets to them. Stars are peel and stick glitter foam…

12+ DIY Superhero Costume Ideas for Kids

Assessing Your Landscape Needs: Start the landscaping process by focusing on what you want from your yard.

Assessing Your Landscape Needs

Garden and Swingset So that's how you balance gardens and kids. this is soooo Brandon and I!

Make your own Car Seat Back Protector to keep the back of your seats clean and footprint free!

DIY Car Seat Back Protector

DIY Car Seat Back Protector. Make your own Car Seat Back Protector to keep the back of your seats clean and footprint free!

Good Ideas FB @Susan Caron Caron Minette Callais  maybe we could do this in the back place. It looks really nice.

Paper Bag Floors – A Tutorial

DIY Paper Bag Flooring - who has the patience? Who has the time? How many paper bags would you need to cover an average sized room?

Dream Pantry! Create a "riser" at the back of shelves - takes advantage of vertical (otherwise wasted) space so you can see what's in the back rows.

Love Your Space Challenge: Tips for organzing your pantry, fast!

How To Build Picture Frames with Scrap Wood - glue together and staple on the back to keep the joints together.

Making Simple Scrap Wood Picture Frames

If you want to gain valuable storage space in any room, just look on the other side of your door. Use nifty storage tools to hang on the door for extra organizational space.

25 Home Hacks That Changed Our Lives in 2015

Spice Rack You are going to buy this? Spice Rack Clever {Outside the Rack} Spice Storage Ideas Organize Your Kitchen (On a Budget!

Searching for DIY canvas wall art ideas? Painting on canvas or mod podging paper, we've put together more than 30 ways to decorate a canvas on your own.

DIY Canvas Wall Art Ideas

Wieco Art -Sea White Full Moon in the Night - 5 panels Hand-painted Oil Paintings Modern Canvas Wall Art for Wall Decor and Home Decoration, Stretched and Framed Artwork, Landscape Abstract Oil Painting on Canvas I

Stunning diptych tattoos by Thieves of Tower form landscapes across the backs of legs. #tattoo

Stunning Diptych Tattoos Form Landscapes Across the Backs of Legs

- The beautiful tattoos by Thieves of Tower, an American project born from the collaboration between the artist and tattooist Houston Patton and the creative director Dagny Fox, who shared their skills to imagine some awesome monochrome compositions.

Hang IKEA spice racks on the back of the closet door to store bulky cleaning supplies.

10 Creative Ways to Use IKEA's Spice Rack Outside of the Kitchen

Great use for vintage pearl Buttons. This is the back view

Button Earrings

Great use for vintage buttons. This is the back view. Perfect for my mourning buttons

7 Home Remedies For Keratosis Pilaris

11 Ways To Get Rid of Keratosis Pilaris For Good

At last, the truth will be exposed so that YOU can cure your Keratosis Pilaris naturally and get your confidence back - from the comfort of your own home.

Twinkle lights on the back porch makes for cozy outdoor living!

A Porch Makeover and a Relaxing Date Night on the Deck

13 adorable Tooth Fairy pillows for National Tooth Fairy Day | #BabyCenterBlog

13 adorable Tooth Fairy pillows for National Tooth Fairy Day

THREE Tooth Fairy Pillow - Chevron fabric Personalized with Child's name, Pocket sewn on the back of the pillow