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"You've known it from the beginning. The only question now is, are you going to tell her?" Downfall of Hope) ~Wendy Hamlet

Mountainairedreaming: Mountainaire Dreaming

mountainairedreaming: Mountainaire Dreaming (coffeepearlsandpoetry)

"In the end, karma will be a bigger bitch than I'll ever need to be."

20 Funny Quotes That Remind You That Karma Is ALWAYS Watching

"In the end, karma will be a bigger bitch than I'll ever need to be." Damn an its all going to be the one man who couldnt man up an tell the truth fault . His words do what i gotta do no its not what gotta its what u caused half ass stories an lies

and then... we never spoke again. via (

i hate it when people leave me and never explain anything.and people wonder why i have attachment, trust, and abandonment issues.

in the end, there is only and is always going to be you so take care of you…

I want to watch stranger things because I haven't finished it yet but then I am also needing to watch Lie to to me on Netflix because it goes on October 4 and I want to finish it, but I'm only on season one out of three seasons. What a dilemma

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If you cannot be a poet, be the poem