Fantastic idea to display a beloved creation in a safe, stylish way! Lego Falcon encased in a coffee table

“This is a brilliant idea - a coffee table display unit for the old Ultimate Collector’s Edition Millennium Falcon.

40k - Eldar Falcon - On the topic of ridonculous free hands.

The Falcon and similar vehicle body is like a canvas. So much beautiful works coming out ont hem.

I'm crazy about RDJ. Sorry! but, *Thanks visitors!! * Feel free to repost my works on the other site. if you do, Please link back to my page >< But do not modify. Do not claim them as your ow...

After Utron, Before Civil War After this event, everybody call Vision “Simba” for a while. And Steve started watching Disney animation.

A friend of mine did not understand this

A friend of mine did not understand this