The punchline

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Disney Heroines + meaning of their names<<< also since lettuce means never give up. They changed her original name from rampion, a type of lettuce her mom needed to give birth!

No seriously, this is a researched thing. When women move into a field in higher numbers, the pay goes down, because we pay women less. Even the men in that field get paid less when more women move in and that's why some men ferociously claim their field is "men only" and attack the women who try to work with them. Most likely if higher numbers of men moved into a "female" field, the pay would go up. (explanation continues in comment section)

What I get is that all women should equally distribute themselves into everything until we have ruined absolutely everything.

Oh i know this joke, but the version i know is of a train conductor running kids over with his train...

Kim Jong-Un versus Musician

The fascinating tale of North Korea Musical Conductor *dat pun tho


Funny pictures about The Little Mermaid And The Seven Seas. Oh, and cool pics about The Little Mermaid And The Seven Seas. Also, The Little Mermaid And The Seven Seas photos.

2016 funny

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Reality is the Punchline | Mind the Exit

Reality is the Punchline | Mind the Exit

Tide on a slide

You've Heard of the Elf on the Shelf...

Tide on a slide


Omg can we just appreciate how awesome his hair looks in this? I love him

4 fucking times! This has been on my board so many f-ing times and I just got it. I have wasted hours on this  (Punchline)

It's punch line, but juicy juice hypotenuse is better<<< I thought it was bowl straw but okay

Just Some Of My Favorite Tumblr Posts I Stumbled Across Today< This is actually the best:

h ok I pinned this before I saw the whole thing and the punchline one there is a REALLY long one that someone told me whilst we were in rly bad traffic about two cherish so yh that is so much more painful after listening for a full

For the people that are so lame in love they use a Yu-Gi-Oh boiiiiiiiii get a life( like I have one ahem)

In case you're looking for pick up lines

At least it wasn't the 'send me noods' trap card<<<Slidin into those dms 😂😂

OKAY QUICK STORY: my fiancé took me to the zoo to see the animals and when I was looking at the polar bears (my favourite animal) while I was turned around he got on one knee and when I turned around he proposed. It was really great because he knew I would pay more attention to the polar bears than him.

I didn't have to punch a wall to feel manly cuz guess what? I'm a real girl

This one wins. The best Sirius Black post ever haha

This one wins. The best Sirius Black post ever, but so sad