Tráiler y póster de ‘The Scribbler’

Poster Revealed for Graphic Novel Adaptation The Scribbler, Starring Katie Cassidy

The Scribbler: Coal by Peg and Awl by PegandAwl on Etsy

The Scribbler is the perfect case for a writer, a drawer or scribbler. Great for pens, pencils and even a little journal. This pouch is the perfect addition for

The Scribbler: Moss by Peg and Awl

The Scribbler in Slate: Zipper top pencil case by Peg by PegandAwl

"Not again." Alice mutters again. Despite her being irritated at people needing her help again, she couldn't help her hero complex coming back up.

Help me.

*sighs, pulls pistol out* Which fucker is it this tim frank so help me gog I will shoot a bitch I havent even had my damn tea.