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Anybody can drive a straight line. It takes a real driver to handle the curves.

<3 Olaya Valle, una artista que dará que hablar. Cuando le preguntamos el porqué de dibujar mujeres con curvas, su sinceridad fue absoluta: ‘las formas redonditas son más agradables de trazar y al final los personajes parecen más achuchables‘. http://weloversize.com/moda/olaya-valle/ (BBW. Plus size model. Curvy women. Rellenitas. Mujeres de talla grande. Cositas ricas.) <3

Now that's a man! Hold on to that beautiful lady. Plus Size Art: Olaya Valles cute erotic artwork

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Who said big girls.I'm sorry thick girls couldn't do it better👀⁉️😌🍑

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16 Hilarious Quotes That Prove You Should Love Your BADASS Self

.....that we sometimes don't see us in the positive light that other's may, is one of life's more enduring tragedies.......

To whomever is reading this. You are not ugly my friend, you['re] NOT! What you ARE is beautiful, amazing and one of a kind. Like this pin says, you are simply too beautiful. Never forget this or doubt your beauty; Trust me on this.

kinky/cute quotes : Photo

kinky/cute quotes : Photo