Im rapidly going off grids.but I can also accept that someimes people just want to see a table of I guess if we must have grids.

Data Wall on Google Drive

Need a way to organize all of that data? Do you have data records crawling out your ears? :) This data wall is perfect for organizing all of your data in one spot. No more flipping through a gazillion documents to find that one piece of data on a student

Need help organizing data for your students' progress reports or parent conferences? Don't know what information you should include in a progress report or at a parent conference? Use this free Progress Report/Parent Conference Cheat Sheet :) Perfect for

Geo Data Logger: Arduino+GPS+SD+Accelerometer to Log, Time-stamp, and Geo-tag Sensor Data

Amazing Shadow Art

Funny pictures about Amazing Shadow Art. Oh, and cool pics about Amazing Shadow Art. Also, Amazing Shadow Art photos.

Data Collection Activity - Our Favorite Dessert

Data Collection Activity for the whole class. This data activity is a whole -class activity which has your students performing all the essential steps of data collection. The activity is based on students’ favorite dessert. It begins with students voting for their favorite dessert (choosing from cupcakes, pie, ice-cream and donuts) and creating a tally chart using the results. Using their tally chart, they then create a bar graph to represent the results. Next, students answer a set of…

Classroom data wall "The kids add a sticker every time they get a on their spelling tests. The other charts consist of Excel graphs made up of various pieces of classroom data. This wall became a great motivational tool for my fifth graders!

Data Binder for Primary Students {Editable for Your Classroom}

Data Binder Editable Data Binder I created this data binder to have my first graders track their own learning throughout the year. In this file, you will find graphs/data tracking pages for: Guided Reading Levels (Levels A-N) DRA Levels (Levels Words Per

Data Sheets - Applied Behavior Analysis I like how this includes motivating and establishing operations! First time I have seen it on an ABC data sheet!

Growth Mindset Goal Setting, Data Tracking, and Reflection in a Google Classroom

How do you help students develop a growth mindset? Give them the opportunity to set goals, track their data growth, and reflect. This paperless customizable technology resource gives your students …

LOVE this idea! Looking for ways to display mastery of kindergarten sight words? This kindergarten sight word bulletin board display is a cute way to show student progress toward sight word mastery!

How to create and use a data wall to track student progress and identify intervention needs. This particular data wall is used to display middle school reading benchmarks!