OMG! I did a couple pieces like this back in the day and i have to say...I made some good coinage! I think i will do this again! True Knit style :)

Dramatic Book Art by Thomas Allen: 2-D Turned 3-D Turned 2-D…

photographer thomas allen constructs dioramas using figures cut from the covers of old pulp paperbacks. | WANT! Make mine PULP

American photographer Thomas Allen uses cut-outs from old book covers to create a context for the stories

Figures sprawl from the pages of artist Thomas Allen's book cut illustrations. Allen's work focuses on creating action scenes from the already vivid covers of pulp novels.

Gorgeous Book Cut Confections by Thomas Allen

Michigan-based designer, illustrator and collage artist Thomas Allen creates vivid book-cut illustrations from old texts.

So cool. || Book Extractions by Thomas Allen (via

Book Extracts by Thomas Allen

Thomas Allen: Beautiful Evidence show at Foley Gallery. I love the paper cut art Mr. Allen does, as well as his photos of it!

Thomas Allen brings literary characters to life in a charming diorama series of paper “dolls” cut from book illustrations.

— Thomas Allen brings literary characters to life in...

Book-Arts-by-Thomas-Allen-14 This is what I'd call collage sculpture.

21 Book Arts by Thomas Allen – Art and Antique Books

"Eyre Affair" book art and photography by Thomas Allen [used for cover art on Penguin novel by Jasper Fforde: thomasallenonline.

Artist Thomas Allen created these cut-out artworks that are inspired by children’s books. The works are on display at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

Children's Book Cut-Out Art By Thomas Allen

Book Art de l’artiste Thomas Allen

21 Book Arts par Thomas Allen – Art et Livres Anciens

Beautiful Evidence: New Illustrations Cut from Encyclopedias and Primary Readers by Thomas Allen pop ups illustration books