So close to what mine looks like!

*every bird falls before it learns to fly* Flying birds tattoo. I want this on my right shoulder blade.

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I've had this idea of a tattoo for my inner wrist of three birds in flight for a while now (and way before Divergent was even written), but I'm never go.

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Fresh tattoo three small birds silhouettes below collarbone on shoulder – Tattoos pictures – Tattoo ideas

This is the exact tattoo (design and location) that I want/would ever get. Three birds for me and my sisters bc we fly together. <3

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Tattoo, bob marley, three little birds

Tattoo, bob marley, three little birds I like that there's a bigger (mama bird) and two smaller birds

Three birds for my sister and me. Remembering we will always be together no matter what and nothing can change that.

I'm not usually into birds but I love the look of this tat. Have each bird for each member of the family, with their initials, that's a pretty cute idea.

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